Shyanne Wilson currently serves as the CEO and Owner of Lajoi Luxury Lashes and Lip Gloss. Launching her company in November of 2020, she spent the years prior, growing and cultivating her lifelong passion for the beauty and fashion industries. Knowing that, “beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, on the inside and out,” she has built up valuable experience in customer service and has even entered college to pursue a degree in business.

Hoping to one day utilize this degree, and within the next 5 years, Shyanne plans on not only adding new beauty products to her company, but also growing Lajoi Luxury Lashes and Lip Gloss’ by expanding its reach and entering the fashion industry. Working tirelessly to make this goal a reality, it is

her mission to provide affordable, high quality cosmetic grade products, including lip gloss with 100% pure oils, as well as the unbeatable customer service experience her shoppers seek.

Outside of her company, Shyanne dedicates herself to helping those most in need by serving as a passionate volunteer. This love for helping others began developing while participating in an after school volunteer program, in which Shyanne had the opportunity to create care packages for the homeless. She also completed an internship role with Denver City and it’s councilwoman, Stacie Gilmore where she took part in numerous activities that benefited her community. Shyanne would even go on to travel to disaster stricken areas, such as Bucarabones, a small neighborhood located in Marias City, where she provided aid and support to those who had lost everything to Hurricane Maria.